Social Events: Join Our Family



Residents of our Airpark enjoy a variety of social events organized by its members. Past gatherings  included Halloween Party, Thanksgiving, Christmas Dinner, New Year's Eve Party, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Movie Nights, and of course birthday parties. In addition, there are nightly gatherings and hangar parties. Group dune buggy rides in our very interesting desert are another popular activity. 

Desert Excursions

We have planned desert "buggy" rides in and around our local destination. Some rides are full day desert excursions or just several hours. Smaller off-road all-terrain machines are recommended.

Volunteer Opportunities

There is a local women's club for ladies wishing to volunteer and help our local community and other volunteer opportunities in our community are available.

Quiet Space

Not a social person? No worries, there are many airpark homes that provide privacy as you enjoy the great Arizona winter weather and sun, sun, sun. 


Lake Alamo has year-round fishing.  A short 35 mile trip from Salome.  Some trailer their boat behind an RV for over night camping and fishing. This destination is also and excellent area to star gaze and search for satellites. 

Our Outback

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