Fly Outs

  • Group fly outs to area restaurants and places of interest are facilitated through a GroupMe app which insures the inclusion of all interested pilots on the park. There are close to 40 runways within a 30 mile radius of Salome - both dirt and paved.  Members are added to our GroupMe group upon request.

Local Fly Out Destinations Near Us


The Wayside Oasis

  • Near Alamo Lake, the Wayside Oasis Restaurant is a standard go to breakfast or lunch fly out place.  Always interesting. 



  • About 35 miles west of us is another favorite breakfast destination.  Times 3 Family Restaurant has great food, & only a short  walk from the runway.



  • About halfway between Salome and Parker, AZ, this small wide spot in the road is on our list of breakfast spot destinations.  A short walk or arranged ride will get you there.

Lake Havasu


  • Breakfast, lunch, movie, or shopping, Lake Havasu has a paved runway. 


Airplane final destination

  • A final destination for airline planes.  Located 100 miles north, we have flown out for breakfast and local tours of aviation industry located on the airport.

Secret Spot


  • We even have a secret local destination that Indian Hills Pilots fly to called the Crooked Tree.  Join our airpark family and maybe you'll get to go too!